Hello, I am NGane.

From my discreet nature, from my sweet temperament, I carry on my two daughters a limitless love. But kindness does not mean weakness.

From my entrepreneurial spirit, from my artistic and creative talents, was born my jewelry brand, Oxalyde.

From my determination, my expertise in business management, my administrative, financial and tax skills is born The Clever Desk, my activity of remote assistant.

After studying business administration, I joined the country with the red and white flag. Switzerland ? Not yet. Canada !

Armed with a fierce desire to become English bilingual, I adopted the best way to learn a language, a country, a people and a culture, immersion. Adoption on two counts since before joining Switzerland, I became a permanent resident.

The Anglo-Saxon philosophy and practice that promote abilities and personal evolution more than academic background has allowed me to acquire strong skills in taxation, within a company specializing in tax reporting, Money Mart, thus ensuring the relationship between individuals (Canadian and Canadian residents) and the Government. Subsequently, I was responsible for customer relations within a financial company, active in the real estate sector. Decisive experience because it was the one that made me meet my husband and settle in Switzerland, in Geneva.

The Clever Desk 

Today, in parallel with my assignments with a Family Office, a reference in wealth management, asset consolidation, investment advisory and performance improvement, I set up The Clever Desk, my remote assistant company. It responds to the many requests of SMEs or independents who have needs – punctual or regular – in assistance and administrative services.

It is not a matter of dematerialising the assistantship relationship by a discounted service, based abroad or by a virtual hologram, but on the contrary to create a relationship of proximity and to relieve – for a few hours or for specific projects – local entrepreneurs and individuals who have real needs in schedule management, correspondence, bookkeeping and creative services. My discretion, my reliability, my involvement and my skills make the difference.

These clients trust me :

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