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“Outsource the administrative management of your company and refocus on your core business”



You are an independent wishing to devote more time to the development of your activity ?


As the manager of your own company, you certainly lose a lot of time with the administrative management of your company. Either because you do not like doing these tasks or simply because you are not at ease in this field.

Specialized in Administrative Management for small businesses, with 14 years of experience in sectors such as finance, legal and associations, I intervene in order to relieve you, efficiently. The time saved will allow you to focus on your area of expertise.

Also trained in Office Organising, I help you in the analysis and improvement of your workspace and filing system. Whether it is to make your work environment more adequate and efficient, to create a new workspace (at your home or in your new premises) or to (re)structure your filing system (physical and/or digital) I am here to accompany you and propose solutions that correspond to your needs.

The benefits of working with me


It’s not easy to delegate, especially when it comes to your own business. Often, when hiring an employee is not justified, working with me can be an advantageous alternative.

  • You can book my services on an ad hoc or on a regular basis, according to your needs and budget.
  • Being an entrepreneur myself, I am a service provider, which means, no employment contract to establish nor social charges to pay.
  • My fees are deductible from your charges.
  • And, most importantly, the time you free up can be spent developing your main activity (or whatever you choose), which is a good return on investment.


Are you ready to delegate and regain control of your time?


Book your discovery session now. During this session of approximately 20 minutes (free and no commitment), we will discuss your issue and the type of services I can provide in order to solve it.

These entrepreneurs already trust me.

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